Interested in becoming a Volunteer?

Volunteer firefighting is a great way to give back to your community, learn new skills, challenge yourself and get to know your neighbours. It’s a pastime which can be demanding at times but is always rewarding.IMG_0981

How Do I Join?

Joining the department is easy! All you need to do is click the ‘Membership Application’ tab to download a form. If you want to call someone before joining, our department staff can be reached at 250-578-8985 any day of the week.  Also a great way to see if volunteering as a firefighter is a good fit for you, please drop by the fire hall any Tuesday evening at 6:15 and observe our weekly Fire Practice. Everyone is welcome!

What’s Involved In The Recruitment Process?

The recruitment process is a multi-staged process designed to ensure that all volunteer firefighters receive the training necessary to keep them safe at an emergency scene.

Stage 1

Stage one of the recruitment process involves recruit firefighters attending 10 consecutive weekly practices held Tuesday evenings from at 6:15pm to 8:30pm. During this time, recruits will learn important operating procedures, safe working practices, and will be introduced to the NFPA 1001 firefighting training program. Upon completion of the 10 weeks, recruit firefighters will then attend Tuesday night training with all of the fire department members and may be permitted to work at an emergency scene in limited and supervised roles.

Stage 2

During this stage, firefighters will continue to work through and complete the NFPA 1001 Firefighter I & II Certificate Program. This will involve reading, hands on training and evaluations. The process can be achieved in a 24 month time period. During this time firefighters will attend emergencies, but will not assume unsupervised roles on the fire ground until the program is complete.

Recruitment Intake?

Our recruit training will be held two times a year starting at the beginning of each January and June (depending on availability of open positions). We encourage anyone to join any time of the year, but each new member must attend recruit training to participate fully as a member of fire department.

Who Can Join?

Anyone who lives or works in Sun Peaks or Whitecroft and is over 19 years of age.

Do I Need Experience To Join?

No. Sun Peaks Fire will supply every new firefighter the training required to work safely and effectively at an emergency scene.

To receive more information about joining Sun Peaks Fire Rescue, you can call the Fire Hall on any day between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm, or e-mail our Training Officer at